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Content Matters Guest blogging

What do you get when you cross a strategic blogger with a popular blog?

You get a larger audience. It’s called guest blogging.

Listen to two serious advocates of guest blogging share the secrets of how it works. Both have landed many meaningful gigs on the biggest and best blogs in marketing. Both now operate blogs guest bloggers covet.

Welcome to the guest blogging edition of Content Matters with Andy Crestodina and Barry Feldman.

In the program, Andy and Barry discuss:

  • Did guest blogging really fall from favor when Google’s Matt Cutts issued his warning?
  • The benefits of guest blogging and the chain reaction it can cause across the web
  • Targeting the ideal blogs
  • Building mutually beneficial relationships with top editors
  • Important tips for getting the “yes” you seek (and the cardinal mistakes many make)
  • How to be a good guest (and leave a six pack of beer in the fridge)

In the cheese and mousetraps segment:

  • Barry reveals how to make editors an offer they can’t refuse
  • Andy explains “how to win friends and influence editors”

Guest blogging quote

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