A Secret Source of Powerful Content Ideas

While a wide variety of professionals will define content marketing in different ways, no one who actually gets it would deny the central idea is to provide valuable insights and answers. Therefore when the conversation becomes about finding powerful content ideas and the drill-down process begins, more often than not, you’ll hear: • Identify your…

Click to Convert: Why People Do and Don’t Click Your Links

In online marketing, clicks are a currency. We bank on making it happen and we’re busted when it doesn’t. This thing many call the sales funnel or buying cycle is often largely a series of pick, point and click decisions. It stands to reason, becoming a more effective online marketer calls for getting our heads…

The Mount Everest of Marketing Mistakes

  Have you ever climbed Mount Everest? Of course you haven’t. You’ve probably heard: it’s dangerous. If you were to consider an adventure of this magnitude, you’d have a plan, right? Marketing mistakes for breakfast. Allow me to give you a little glimpse into the life of an online marketing consultant. Yes, that would be me….