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Your digital marketing needs to extend beyond driving traffic and generating leads. True conversion requires “full funnel” strategy, which includes turning prospects to customers and customers to brand advocates.

Make it happen with lead nurturing. Call on Feldman Creative to assist you strategically and creatively. We’ll focus on:

Examining your selling cycles and analytics to identify weak spots

Evaluating your email marketing and marketing automation processes

Identifying practical “next steps” for nurturing leads

Creating email and content your sales and marketing teams can use to close sales, retain customers and win referrals

Specific email strategies might include:

Thank you pages and calls to action

Gathering customer data via interactive content

Refining landing pages and forms

Creating compelling offers

Developing “welcome” email series

Developing emails to announce and deliver special offers

Customer education emails

Triggered email communications based on user behavior, abandoned carts/forms, special occasions, re-ordering, re-engagement and other retention tactics

Event-based communications

Collecting and delivering reviews and testimonials


Does your company take marketing automation seriously?

Feldman Creative can also help you:

Evaluate and select the right platforms

Create more powerful marketing automation strategies

Train your team to use email and marketing automaton more effectively

Our favorite platform is GetResponse and we can help you take advantage of the program. Try it or buy it here. Please note, Feldman Creative is an affiliate of GetResponse (because Barry knows and loves the software).


We offer a lot of free content and strive to convert subscribers to paid members. For key campaigns, we turn to Feldman Creative to help optimize the emails and landing pages for conversion.
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