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If you’re ready to get serious about content marketing, Feldman Creative is ready to provide the guidance you need.

Unlike content marketing consultants and inbound marketing agencies that focus primarily on delivering services to enterprise businesses (often, with very high up-front fees), Barry Feldman provides affordable services to companies of all sizes focused on:


Assessment of current content marketing tactics and performance


Planning of content marketing programs to support inbound marketing initiatives


Content creation—including research, writing and design


Training of internal and external teams to expand the talent pool, increase content output, and optimize performance



Most companies do some form of content marketing, but fall short of creating strategic content developed to educate prospects and inspire them to take action.

The assessment process will draw conclusions regarding:

The existence (or lack of) various components

The quality of the components

The integration of the components

The effectiveness of the components

Common components of a content marketing program include:


Guest blogging

eBooks, guides and other lead magnets

Landing Pages

Email Marketing

Videos and Podcasts


Webinars and Events

Social Media

A thorough assessment also focuses on reviewing processes and resources, including:

Staff roles and responsibilities

Vendors and contractors

Strengths and weaknesses

Marketing and sales cycles

Analytical tools and know-how

Collaboration platforms and processes

Content management systems (CMS)

Marketing automation platforms

SEO strategies

Influencer marketing programs


Public relations and outreach



Basic content marketing plans, which are critical to your success, are developed and act as a short-term plan for a minimum of one-quarter. Because marketing’s more dynamic than ever, content marketing plans should be reviewed and refined often.

Content marketing plans include:

Defining objectives

Creating customer personas

Defining the sales cycle and aligning content for its key phases

Auditing the market including competitors, trends and influencers

Identifying the most important media

Developing a clear and concise value proposition

Developing the brand’s personality

Determining key performance indicators (KPIs)

Gathering and using “social proof”

Blog strategies


Lead capture

Lead nurturing

Increasing reach by expanding your digital footprint


Content creation

Executing content marketing programs calls on a role Barry has played for more than 25 years.

Researching topics

Writing original content

Editing existing content

Creating lead magnets

Assembling creative and editorial teams

Programs managed by Feldman Creative commonly include:

Setting up email marketing programs

Optimizing website and blogs for search

Securing guest blogging opportunities

Assisting with social media marketing

Helping put marketing automation tools in place

Analyzing metrics

Training image


If you want to become self-sufficient or more so than you are now, Feldman Creative will teach you how.

Training can be delivered in a variety of forms:




One-on-one consultations

How-to materials

Content marketing training generally focuses on the following topics:

How inbound marketing works and where content fits in


Writing for the web

How-to materials


Email marketing

Social media, especially Twitter and LinkedIn


Barry writes about a variety of marketing topics for Orbit and everything he creates for us is always among the top performers. Barry is a rare talent in the content marketing realm. He knows search and social inside and out.

Barry Feldman, your content marketing strategist

Barry is uniquely qualified to help refine your content marketing strategies and create content focused on achieving measurable results.

LinkedIn Marketing, Online Marketing Institute, Social Media Today, Onalytica, Brand24 and many other industry leaders have recognized Barry as a top content marketing expert and influencer.

Barry is the co-host of Content Matters, a top podcast focused on delivering actionable advice for ambitious, growth-oriented content marketers.

Ready to increase traffic, leads and sales with content marketing?

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Feldman Creative offers free resources to help you begin assessing your content marketing program here. Be sure to download The Planner, the industry’s most complete planning workbook.

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