How to Find Keywords People Use (But Your Competitors Don’t)

Winning at SEO calls for outmaneuvering the field. Let’s examine how to find keywords your competitors aren’t using—with tactics they don’t even know about.  “Keywords don’t matter much anymore.” You find it written everywhere lately. I asked a friend who eats analytics for breakfast and snacks on SEO all day long, “Whatcha’ think about that man?”…

The Great Keywords Secret Revealed

No search, no amount of number crunching, magic tool, Google Alert, e-guide, e-book, e-mail, e-ticket, or all-knowing e-vangelist of SEO is going to give you the best keywords. The best keywords to USE (I said USE, not CHOOSE) are the phrases you can write about, talk about, and establish authority on—today and everyday. Because what really boosts your SEO is authority.