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Stabbing Mediocrity to Death with Pencils and Pens

Stabbing Mediocrity to Death from Barry Feldman It’s easy to make a pledge to cut through the clutter. To be bold. Provocative. Memorable. It’s another thing to actually do it. Many writers have the chops. Many clients claim to need these writers and go looking for those with war paint on their faces. With fire…

7 Content Marketing Solutions for the Writing Impaired

You know that a steady stream of new and valuable content is the key to get new prospects to click around and existing customer to stick around. Nonetheless, you‘re staring into the abyss consumed with the question, “Who’s going to write content for the company.”

Build a Website Destination with a Content Management System.

How does a CMS make things easier?
How does a CMS make things easier?The answer is simple. I mean, simple is the answer. Working on websites used to be for those who graduated from HTML University. Not anymore. CMS can be a friend to every man, woman and child, technically inclined or challenged.

Understand Who Will Visit Your Website

When clients come a-calling on me to plan and write new websites for their business, the first questions I ask: “Who will be visiting your site?” 9 of 10 times I don’t get a specific answer.