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Copywriting Tips for a More Effective Landing Page

Copywriting tips series: #2 A more effective landing page. Does your landing page get the job done? To be an effective online marketer, every page of your website needs to be well written, elegantly designed, purposeful and part of the big picture plan. However, after your home page, nothing is more critical to your success than…

11 Leading Website Conversion Killers [INFOGRAPHIC]

  You’ve got it going on with your keywords. You’re ranking high. The traffic is coming now. Web-a-palooza. Party time. Cha-chiiiiiing. Not so fast Master Webmeister. It seems visitors are bugging out before they click a single thing. This buzz-kill problem is called “bounce” in web speak. I call the culprits “website conversion killers.” You…

How Losers Do Landing Pages.

  Please don’t let your readers get lost. A click is a terrible thing to waste. So I went in search of best practices for making landing pages land leads. I found a ton of good tips. But, whoa, I also went in search of good examples to actually show and found next to none….