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Personal Branding Strategy: Make Guest Blogging Pay

  You rarely hear stories of people who get involved in social media and content marketing—and boom—their personal brand takes off. It may be the dream, but it’s seldom the reality. I wonder… Are you taking guest blogging seriously? I’m going to shed some light on someone who made guest blogging a high priority and…

How to Land Meaningful Guest Blogging Opportunities

Make no mistake. The benefits of guest blogging are immense. It will boost your business. Despite the highly misunderstood announcement from Google’s Matt Cutts in 2014, guest blogging remains an ace tactic of effective content marketers in nearly every niche. The great ones are committed to guest blogging. Ann Smarty, in a guest post on Social Media…

Talking Guest Blogging and Email Marketing with Adam Franklin [Video]

I was recently interviewed by Adam Franklin of Blue Wire Media. It was a great conversation where I shared some of my experiences with landing guest posts on authority sites, calls to action and email marketing. Taking advantage of guest #blogging opportunities. @feldmancreative interviewed by @BlueWire_Media Click To Tweet