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Content Matters Bounce Rate episode

“A bounce is not all bad. I would not recommend freaking out over your bounce rate.” 

What does bounce rate mean? A search for its definition reveals:

bounce rate defined

So… your visitor didn’t click a thing. They experienced one page of your site. That sounds bad. Is it?

Andy explains many of the web’s top sites have high bounce rates. What gives? This episode of Content Matters unravels misconceptions about bounce rate and will help you understand when it matters.

Highlights from the episode include:

  • Why companies that are good at content, social media, search and email marketing are bound to have high bounce rates
  • Why bounce is worth looking into for the landing pages you create to capture leads
  • A warning to not create one-page websites
  • Myth buster: bounce rate will not affect your search rankings
  • What’s “the short click” and is it detrimental?
  • Tips to reduce the bounce rate of your home page

In the cheese & mousetrap segment:

  • Barry explains why you need to ruthlessly edit your first paragraph, so it’s inviting and fun.
  • Andy shares tips for formatting skimmer-friendly pages to increase time-on-page.


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