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It ain’t 1999.

Sure, we feasted on the various flavors of eye candy media-makers spun forth then, but today we’re even more magnetized by pixelicious content.

So… the benefits of infographics are no longer a mystery to content marketers. Infographics can be the device-friendly and social media-friendly content format that rallies both deep data divers and the skim-as-fast-as-you-can clan.

But do you know how to increase the effectiveness of infographics to their full potential?

Unless you’re large and in charge of a phantasmagorical audience of friends, followers, and subscribers, your infographics can turn out to be search engine-defying duds.

Your content needs legs to be effective.

With my brain pointed squarely on marketing with infographics, I challenged myself to create a list of ways you can increase your ROI in infographics. I came up with 13 ideas I’ve used effectively. Here they are.

Want to discover effective ideas for your next infographic? Click here, or the image below for The Great Big List of Infographic Ideas.

Infographic ideas

Thanks again to the talented team at Infobrandz that works with me to develop infographics.