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Have you been listening to the Content Matters podcast? 

Andy Crestodina and I team-up every other week to bring you a 20-minute program packed full of content marketing tips and tactics. Each episode focuses on a specific topic and ends with our soon-to-be-famous “mousetrap and cheese” segment.

If you like digital marketing podcasts, there’s no shortage of programs to choose from. Andy and I are excited ours has quickly garnered a loyal and growing audience along with some very flattering recognition from our peers in digital media.

This past week, Erin Robbins O’Brien of GinzaMetrics, posted a list of digital marketing podcast favorites on the Search Engine Journal blog. Erin writes, “If you’re not already a fan of podcasts, give a few of these a listen and they may get you hooked.” Her list includes podcasts of varying lengths and formats. Here, I’ll share with you the short-length programs that aim to give your content fix fast, including Content Matters.

Content Matters

This and every title is a link to the program’s listing on iTunes.

Best Digital Marketing Podcasts

Andy Crestodina, Barry Feldman

Andy and Barry started this podcast in November 2015 to help educate content marketers and provide specific tactics to improve content marketing efforts. Content Matters airs twice a month and focuses on things that “matter” for marketers.

“Your website is the mousetrap and your content is the cheese,” according to Andy and Barry. Each podcast addresses one bite-sized tactic with specific ideas and tips on how to execute the tactic immediately.

Content Warfare Podcast

Ryan Hanley

Ryan is the host of the podcast and author a book Content Warfare: Find Your Audience, Tell Your Story and Win the Battle for Attention Online. The podcast is mostly an interview style series where Ryan addresses trends and interviews content creators and thought leaders.

Content Inc.

Joe Pulizzi

Joe bills this podcast as delivering, “one actionable content marketing thought each week in five minutes or less.” Think of this as the Twitter of podcasting where you get consumable, focused soundbites.

The podcast is delivered in a straight-forward manner with Joe reading a prepared script – sort of a verbal blog.

Content Pros Podcast

Chris Moody and Randy Frisch

This interview-style podcast highlights the trends in content marketing and thought leadership from people leading content marketing strategy, operations, measurement, staffing, and other practices.

Guests on this 30-minute podcast share “how to” tips and talk about the reasons behind the current trends in content marketing.

The Marketing Companion

Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster

Mark and Tom offer humor and banter along with in-depth discussions about issues and trends in content, social media, and digital marketing.

This 30-minute show is a good resource for anyone looking for advice on topics varying from starting a blog to trends on Twitter and Facebook.

Duct Tape Marketing

John Jantsch

Every Wednesday John interviews experts and thought leaders to bring tips, tactics, and resources to his audience. Past shows have highlighted getting started with blogging, SEO best practices, understanding social media, and strategies for business growth.

The 30-minute episodes are geared toward small business owners and marketers and entrepreneurs looking for tips and tricks for using digital marketing to grow their businesses.

Marketing Over Coffee

John Wall and Christopher Penn

This weekly half-hour podcast features the hosts talking about news, trends, and devices in marketing. They keep the conversation fresh by interviewing people in the industry who are evolving marketing practices or authors writing about marketing innovation.

The Mad Marketing Podcast

Marcus Sheridan

“The Sales Lion” uses this 30-minute podcast to offer advice to marketers and voice his opinion on trends. He weighs in on opinions from other thought leaders and talks about how he has applied strategies to his own business.

Marcus is an enthusiastic speaker who lives by the mantra, “They ask, you answer” and dedicates his podcast to answering questions from marketers.

Marketing Smarts

Marketing Profs

Kerry O’Shea Gorgone spends 30 minutes every episode interviewing marketing experts and authors about topics related to marketing including branding, social media, customer success, digital marketing, lead generation, and more.

Every episode begins with a snippet from the interview to give the listener an idea of the focus of the conversation and the personality being interviewed.

Content Marketing

Rachel Parker

Rachel uses her podcast as a platform to talk about the who, what, why, and how of content marketing, Each episode begins with a segment, “News you can use” where Rachel reviews current news and talks about recent content that either worked, or didn’t. The spotlight segment is the meat of the podcast where Rachel discusses an issue or trend and offers advice on content marketing best practices.

Content Marketing lasts 20 min to an hour every week. Each podcast has a corresponding blog post that includes resources and links discussed on the show.

Digital marketing podcasts

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