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“Email marketers gain a durable advantage.” 

In the opening seconds of the new episode of Content Matters Andy delivers an emphatic little sermon on why email marketing is “sacred.” Still, while some content marketers subscribe to the power of email marketing, far too many overlook it.

See, unlike your other so-called tribes, you OWN your email list. The people on it have granted you permission to market to them. Therein lies the power of email marketing— and the reason we dedicated an episode to navigating it.

Highlights from the episode include:

  • It’s the killer app that made the Internet, but is it still relevant?
  • Why an email service provider is a must for modern marketers
  • Tips for building an email list with lead magnets
  • The “from” line no-no that dooms your email
  • Advice for creating subject lines to rock your open rate
  • A quick rundown of effective email types
  • The power of the email “Welcome” series

In the cheese & mousetrap segment:

  • Barry explains how to use email marketing as a customer retention channel
    “That’s some good cheddar, Barry.”
  • Andy offers the “3Ps,” which are the keys to creating an email opt-in form that converts

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Thank you, SEJ and contributing author Erin Robbins O’Brien.


Email Marketing ebook cover

Hey, look… It’s a lead magnet. A good one too. Click it. 

On the next episode of Content Matters:
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