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Influence fascinates me. What about you?

If you read my blog, you may have picked up on the fact that I’ve been reading, learning and writing about many topics related to influence: personal branding and influence marketing, the power of expertise, authority and thought leadership.

I read (and saved) an extremely popular Forbes post by Mark Fidelman, 25 Things Influential People Do Better than Anyone Else in which Mark attempts to answer:

“How do people become truly influential in the social age?”

Clearly, Mark and I admire many of the same people. His article is full of examples where he showcases leaders in new media marketing and speaks to their qualities.

Monsters of Influence

The Forbes article inspired me to create my take on the qualities of a person of influence. It became a slide deck with a fun Halloween-themed twist and earned a spot as SlideShare of the Day.

I hope you enjoy it, share it, and comment below with your feedback and any ideas you have about the qualities of influential people.

Transcript to
Amazing Monsters of Influence and the Qualities They Possess

Influencers love their work and it shows.

Influencers keep their eye on the prize.

Interesting points of view
Influencers possess a strong belief system and have the courage to present a strong point of view.

Speaking skills
Influencers have the abiliy to engage and inspire an audience.

Conversational skills
Influencers know how to listen and make you feel special.

Influencers take the good and the bad and find the upside.

The power of persuasion
Influencers have a deep appreciation for the principles of persuasion:
Reciprocity • Commitment Social proof • Liking Authority • Scarcity

Influencers build trust by being themselves.

Influencers are unafraid to take risks. They’re confident they’ll succeed (or learn from their failures).

Influencers get people excited. They have contagious energy.

Influencers set objectves and develop plans to accomplish them.

Networking Skills
Influencers are all about building relatonships.

Influencers have a special knack for knowing when to act (or not).

Influencers are givers.

Influencers have charisma that inspires us to listen to them.

Influencers embrace new tools that can help increase productivity.

Influencers are ethical and strive to be helpful.

Influencers mean and do what they say.

Influencers vow to be great and achieve positive outcomes.

Open minds
Influencers don’t pretend to have all the answers.