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I feel like a coach. I guess I actually am.

I say this because I’m providing consulting for a number of companies now, big and small, mostly small, even agencies, and find myself constantly reminding my clients the same fundamental piece of advice. But we’re not playing ball. We’re playing marketing communications. So, let me toss you my pitch and get on with it…

Keep your eyes on the ball.

What’s the ball? The ball is your customer.

You want to talk about engagement? Social media? List building? Lead generation? Fulfillment? Customer loyalty? Bring it on. I’m feeling the need to repeat myself. Keep your eye on the ball, your customer. Nix the narcissistic self love. If you come to bat focused only on your company and your product or service you’re simply going to whiff. Care to guess how many prospects want to talk about what you offer? Zero. They’re focused on just one thing: their challenge.

But, but, but, why would someone type “copywriter” in the search field? Wouldn’t they be looking for a great copywriter? Nope. They’re looking for great copy.

Are you with me? It’s the Internet age. The game has changed a bit. The rules have not. If you want to engage a prospect, establish trust, begin a relationship, listen closely. That person is going to describe their problem. Not sometimes. Every time. That’s the ball. Want to make good contact? Take a swing at the ball by telling your customers and prospects how you can solve their problem.