Getting Ideas to Flow: The Naked Truth.

For a copywriter, or any idea professional whose tasks involve coming up with a concept, a form of writer’s block is, well, not being able to come up with a concept. I find this frightening phenomena tends to strike when I’m at my desk, staring at my screen, and torturing myself with the notion that…

How Losers Do Landing Pages.

  Please don’t let your readers get lost. A click is a terrible thing to waste. So I went in search of best practices for making landing pages land leads. I found a ton of good tips. But, whoa, I also went in search of good examples to actually show and found next to none….

6 Pointers for More Persuasive Proposals.

Recently, I considered a partnership with a new vendor. Miraculously, the process kicked-off with an email I received. I replied (it happens). The follow-up email was good enough to convince me to agree to a “ten minute” assessment call. The call lasted nearly two hours. Well done phone salesman guy.