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For a copywriter, or any idea professional whose tasks involve coming up with a concept, a form of writer’s block is, well, not being able to come up with a concept. I find this frightening phenomena tends to strike when I’m at my desk, staring at my screen, and torturing myself with the notion that brilliance must strike. Now.

What do I do? I bail. That is, I get up and go. The basic idea is to change your surroundings to try to change your mindset. Take five. Take a break. Take off.

Sometimes I go for a drive. I can be pretty prolific behind the wheel and have so far managed to not crash while scribbling stuff down. Walks? Yeah. Works for me sometimes.

Get to the naked part.
You know what works best? Getting naked and getting in the shower. I can’t tell you how many times headlines, concepts, and ideas have flowed from my brain as hot water beats down on it.

I have a few other remedies, but you’ve probably heard enough from your clothes-less copywriter friend today. TMI, as they say. Tell me though, do you have a solution or two for writer’s block? Can you show me? Pictures won’t be necessary.