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Free Online Design Tools for DIY Graphic Design [Infographic]

Barry Feldman: August 5, 2016 | Infographics, Visual marketing | Comments
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free online design tools

You gain a big time advantage when you make your content more attractive than the rest of the pack. And though having a graphic designer on your team is a potential way to get the job done, you can do much of it yourself.

See, free online design tools are everywhere. Some are easy to master; some aren’t. Some, such as Canva, have become well-know, while some great DIY graphic design tools get less attention than they should.

Wait… does a tool make you a graphic designer? Yes and no. I certainly wouldn’t tell you a word processor makes you a good writer, however, with many of these awesome DIY tools, you don’t begin with a blank slate. You’re offered gads of templates you can easily customize.

Going interactive with online design tools

Heard of Visme? Their site says it enables you to create amazing presentations, infographics and other engaging content. One of the things that makes their tool unique is you can animate any object, add links and media. It’s always made me a bit crazy that you couldn’t build links—or video, or audio—into your infographics. Now you can.

Another cool thing about Visme is it offers 100+ fonts and an insane selection of icons and images—for free. The options for sharing and publishing also go beyond what most services offer.

The final reason I’m telling you about Visme is the company has partnered with me to create a steady stream of infographics and presentations, which we’re co-branding.

The infographic below—which introduces you to all kinds of free (and cheap) online design tools—is one example. It was created with the Visme tool, based on my “Eye Popping Visual Marketing” post. Note how it contains links (as marked by the chain/link icon).

We created a slide deck version too. I’ll offer it below also. (Download and share this stuff if you dig it.)

All good? Cool. Think visual. Ugly pages blow.


Here’s the information presented as slides.

Slide #17 offers links to ALL these online design tools.

Free, Cheap and Easy Visual Marketing Tools from Barry Feldman

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  • Vilma Betancourt

    This info is beyond awesome, thank you! I’m creating an infographic on women-owned businesses (stats) and will try Visme. I had never heard of them but I’m going to check it out.