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Ah, Twitter. Such a misunderstood little bird.

Personally, er, professionally, I haven’t been at it all that long. I too didn’t understand what all the buzz was about. Now I do. And you know what I call those who have come and gone? Turkeys. And those that refuse to even try? Bigger turkeys.

What do I think of Twitter?
Thanks for asking. I think it’s an indispensible business tool. Its long list of benefits includes making connections with new prospects, partners and vendors; discovering insightful ideas from across the web; and listening in on what’s happening in your areas of interest.

But let’s be fair now and let the turkeys do a little squawking.
Here’s what I’ve seen them say (and the responses I can’t resist writing).

  • One 140 characters amounts to no more than a little bird turd. (Bullshit. It took me just 47 to make that powerful little statement.)
  • The good stuff gets lost in all the noise. (Stop following the dweebs whose tweets pollute your precious screen space.)
  • Facebook is the better place to be. (If you like finding new likers, you might like how Twitter can help you succeed.)
  • It’s just for computer geeks. (Right. Gotcha. Computers are bad.)
  • It’s a fad. (Isn’t everything?)
  • It’s hard to understand. (d @densehead RT @birdbrain Read the instructions #twitterfordummies #ff #peace)
  • Twitter promotes illiteracy. (WTF mr. Shakespeer! U think UR a grate riter? B-real. lol. ;-p)
  • Nobody reads your tweets. (Try contributing something valuable to the conversation.)
  • It’s a big waste of time. (Perhaps you also can’t find the time to answer your phone or read your email.)

Okay, so it’s cool. If you think it’s wise to ignore a network of over 200 million people, go ahead and stay the flock out of the way of us Tweeters. And if you think someone might learn something from this article, get yourself a Twitter account and retweet it please.