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I know. I know. Your attention span is 15 seconds, 140 characters, one quick image. Me too. It’s a social media world. More media, more noise.

Introducing Persuasion Pointers

As often as I can get around to it, I’ll be sharing 101 pointers. The idea is to help give you ideas for sharpening your persuasion skills to make your online marketing more effective.

On Twitter, the pointers will look like this…

persuasion pointers #fcpointers
Short is good.

You can set up your Twitter app to follow #fcpointers. Easy, eh? And if you don’t follow me on Twitter, I command you to begin right here, right now.

Social Media Cross-Pollination

You don’t Tweet?  (Gasp.) You can still get these little chunks of mind-enriching vitamins and minerals…

Feldman Creative Connections – Click these lil’ chiclets!



Share, please

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See you there. Or maybe it’ll be the other way around.