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new phone

I’m so excited. I got a new phone. No, not one of those pocket sized computers you use to make retro photos or 6-second videos. I’m talking about a desktop phone. You’d need some seriously big pockets to carry this one around.

It has two lines. A blue display lights up to show me who’s calling. I can tell it to memorize the phone numbers of my friends. It has a handset, but I don’t have to use it because it also has a speaker.

I have lots of ideas for how I’m going to use my phone.

This thing’s awesome. Check out these ideas I have for putting it to use.

Have conversations.

If you want to speak to me, get to know me, share ideas, you can call. I set my phone up to ring when you dial my number, so we can have a conversation. It might be more meaningful than email.

Answer questions.

I can envision people who are considering hiring me contacting me on my new phone to ask questions like… Can you help me achieve my marketing objectives? What do you charge? How do we begin? Can you recommend someone?

I love answering questions. I hope my phone rings really soon.

Develop ideas.

There are 10 number keys on this silver and black beauty that allows me to call you, peers, friends, family, hell, even famous authors. I’m going to. And when I do, I’m going to bounce ideas off of them. Get feedback. Refine them. Apply them. This learning thing can go both ways.

Speaking of developing ideas, I was thinking about calling people and asking them to create things with me. This keeps getting better.

Support clients.

I don’t sell complex things, but still, my clients run into situations where they need my help with content, copy, social, email, etc. Now they can just call me and I’ll help ‘em out. As you’re no doubt starting to understand, this device is going to deliver business advantages.

Pass along good ideas.

I suspect my phone conversations are going to uncover smart ideas. I can foresee myself using the phone to share these good ideas with my friends.

Connect people.

Speaking of that “pass along” thing, I feel confident that in many of my calls I’m going to wind up recommending other people who can be helpful. If that happens, I’ll tell you how to reach those helpful people.

Have meetings.

Occasionally, instead of trashing the better part of a day by conducting one of those all hands meetings where little gets done, I’m going to have multi-person meetings on the phone. You can do that now. If you plan them well, they can be very productive.


I’m thinking after we do this or that, I’ll call again to see how it went.

Say thanks.

People are always doing kind things for each other. Sharing. Referring. With my phone, I can call those people and say thank you.

Build relationships.

I suppose the things I’ve written about so far will help build relationships with clients and partners, but I think I’m going to try to carve out some time to just shoot the breeze. Talk about family. Pets. Food. Sports. Rock and roll. Life.

Here’s how I’m not going to use it.

Selling stuff.

I don’t plan to call and interrupt you to ask you to buy my services. I figure that would annoy you.

Trivial stuff.

I have a cat and a dog, but I’m going to try to refrain from calling you to tell you when they do something cute. I can send a picture if you want. Also, I go to Starbucks often, but I figure you don’t need to know about it.

Answering sales calls.

I told you about that display thing. The phone company calls that caller ID. When my phone IDs the caller as, well, the phone company, a financial company, a company that just sent me a white paper, or any company trying to sell me stuff, I probably won’t answer it.

I don’t even have to answer my phone.

My phone will answer all by itself when I can’t take your call. Now, of course, you won’t immediately get me, but you can tell me what you want. If that interests me, I’ll be sure to call you back.

Next, I’m thinking of trying social media.

I know, I know, there’s only so much time in the day. Now that I have a new phone, who knows where I’ll find the time for social media. But I must say, I’ve heard great things about it.

Some say social media offers similar benefits. When I get the hang of the new  phone, don’t be surprised if I go shopping for a social media machine next. I like to stay on top of the latest, greatest developments in communications.