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Love Letter

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Dear Internet,

I’m blushing. This is awkward. I’ve never been able to say it aloud. But I’m a writer after all. Perhaps my feelings are best expressed at the keyboard.

Here it is, my friend: I love you.

I didn’t think it would go this far. I mean, I’ve been fond of you since we first met, but I knew better than to rely on you back then. Yes, when I’d dial your number, if you picked up and said, “You’ve got mail,” it was hard not to smile. But our relationship has gone way past that.

I’m obsessed with you now. I go to you for almost everything and I know I can count on you. In fact, if we’re apart for more than a few hours, I get kind of anxious. Without you, life feels less than complete—or at least I do.

Whatever I need—whenever I need it—you come through.

When I have a question or a problem, when I’m searching…

I share just a few words with you and you come back with millions of ideas. How, I’ll never know.

When I need to see the face of an old friend, there you are. I like that.

When I share something special, you share something right back.

When I long to join a group, you link me in.

When I need inspiration, I know you’ll pin-up just the right thing.

When I don’t want to get off the couch, you’re good with just hanging out.

When I need to hear a favorite song, watch a favorite clip, find the right book, buy a new gadget, get new shoes, play a game, meditate, or just wander… You’re there—always—and instantly.

Thanks to you, I’ve made new friends from all over the world. I’ve come to know my favorite authors. I’ve exchanged thoughts with my industry’s biggest thinkers, discovered the best writers, photographers, illustrators, comics, you name it.

I owe the growth of my business to you. You bring me clients, opportunities and ideas. You’ve given me a platform to spread my words.

You keep changing, maturing, growing. You’re the most fascinating thing I’ve ever seen.

I’ve never felt so connected. It feels good.

Thank you Internet, for everything. It’s getting late. Let’s call it a night. I’ll see you in the morning.

Yours truly,