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I want to thank you, big time. Interest in The Point, the blog here at Feldman Creative, skyrocketed in 2014. I learned a lot and I’m hoping you did too.

I checked the analytics for the top content I published in 2014 and tallied the top topics and posts for page views. I also looked at the data to determine which was the most popular eBook and infographic. So you’ve probably read some of this content. But if you missed anything you think will help you create more effective online marketing, this year-end roundup presents popular favorites once again.

I value having you as a reader and appreciate your feedback and comments. If you would, share with me, and the readers here, some of the lessons you’ve learned in 2014 about online marketing. Also, let me know if there are subjects you’d like to learn more about. I’m on it. That’s what top content marketers do: answer questions (as you’ll learn about in what proved to be our number one blog post in 2014, “The Most Effective Content Marketing Tip Ever.”

Happy reading. Happy holidays.

Content marketing

The topic of content marketing appears to have been your top area of interest. Good for you. My hope is in 2015, you’ll take it very seriously and publish great works. The following posts covered the best way to get started, how a content marketing consultant can support your initiatives, and a plan and template for creating a content marketing plan fast, efficiently and effectively.

The Most Effective Content Marketing Tip Ever

What Can a Content Marketing Consultant Do for You?

The Content Marketing Plan that Quadruples Your Leads


This deep post presented a thorough review of the important things you need to understand to become an effective email marketer. The information is available as a free eBook here. 

Email Marketing: Why You Need it and How to Nail It


A client asked me to explain the essentials of SEO in 15 minutes. So I wrote a post that looks like it will become my most popular one ever. (It’s been endorsed by SEO superman Brian Dean of Backlinko.)

SEO Simplified for Short Attention Spans

Influencer Marketing

After finding myself on a number of influencers list in the online marketing arena, I asked myself (and many marketing leaders), “What’s it take to succeed in influencer marketing?” Hot topic this year.

30 Action Items to Get Serious About Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing Ideas from Influential Marketers – Infographic


Because I’m published on so many prominent blogs, I field more questions about blogging than any other topic, so I continue to deliver all the tips I can. I also began conducting business blogging workshops this year and am now developing information products to accelerate your success with business blogging.

In Loving Memory of Blog (Back from the Dead, with an infographic)

How to Write a Lead Like a Professional Blogger

Copy Editing Tips: Delete + 12 More Ways to Improve Your Writing

Personal Branding

Interest in personal branding is sky high. I’ve studied how the masters build prominent personal brands to position themselves as industry leaders and created a variety of content on the subject. (Note the infographic below.)

Personal Branding Tips from Michael Hyatt and Me

Social Media Marketing

I contributed a post to Social Media Examiner that’s seen astronomical success (through social media shares) then brought it to the Feldman Creative blog. (It’s also a free eBook available below and presented as a free webinar on BrightTALK.)

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

Top eBook

Top infographic

The Complete A to Z Guide to Personal Branding. Click the image to see the complete guide on SlideShare (and/or download and share it).

Screen shot 2014-12-20 at 4.56.59 PM