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A few years back us marketers started howling about the volumes of crap creeping across the web disguised as content. Perhaps we thought we’d scare away some of the murderous marketers. We didn’t.

The stench is staggering.

It’s inevitable. When something in the media heats up, the vultures shall emerge. If you’re aged like me, think of the golden age of sitcoms. For every classic like M*A*S*H* there were 50 stink bombs like One Day at a Time or The Cosby Show. If you grew up in age of American Idol, think of how many insidious contest programs infest the tube today.

I turn your attention back to today’s spooky content nightmare. As I wrote in the infographic here, anyone can create content. It doesn’t mean they should. Do we let it horrify us? I thought we’d just have some fun ghouling around with it instead.

Terrifying content infographic

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