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Keywords for search success:


[Here’s an excerpt from the new eBook…] 

Optimize with Less Obvious Keywords for Search Success.

Only one page really matters.

Welcome to the mysterious, magnificent, monumental world of search where
an overwhelming percentage of online journeys begin.

You’ve surely noticed when you do a really broad one or two-word search you
get millions, or even billions, of results. There are a mind-boggling number of
pages you can click through. Yet you’ll look at just one. On that one page are
ten results (of the organic search variety).

In marketing your website, your success depends on showing up on page
one, preferably the top half.

To do so requires a solid grasp of what it takes to make search work for your
business. The winners carefully select keywords that have a worthwhile volume
of search activity, but a relatively low level of competition.

The answers aren’t obvious. So obviously, you need to employ the right tools
and techniques. Make sure your team includes a search-savvy pro.

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The plan to grow your business with effective online marketing
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