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10 Reasons Why Your Content Could Be A Bit Too Boring

The original version of this article, “Why is Your Content Boring?” ran at the Vertical Measures blog. “Our content isn’t producing the results we want.” As a content marketing consultant, I hear this one often. As a content consumer, I see why—all day, every day. Most content is flat out dull. And as a content creator, I…

Are You Making these Content Marketing Mistakes?

Not everyone is a pro. If you’ve been doing marketing for as long as I have you may recall when the Macintosh came out in the 80s. It was a landmark in personal computing. And it opened the floodgates for countless amateurs trying their hands at design. Suddenly, everyone was a graphic designer. A rushing…

You Are So Not the Thought Leader You Think

Aiming to be a thought leader is smart. In this media noisefest we’ve come to call social media, it’s downright important to pursue a goal such as this. You’re in the content marketing game to establish authority, build a tribe, and lead it.

Content Marketing Isn’t for Everybody

Warning: Do not proceed down the content marketing path with doubt, trepidation or hesitation. Go down that path if you believe it’s worth the effort and will become a part of your corporate culture for the long haul.

7 Content Marketing Solutions for the Writing Impaired

You know that a steady stream of new and valuable content is the key to get new prospects to click around and existing customer to stick around. Nonetheless, you‘re staring into the abyss consumed with the question, “Who’s going to write content for the company.”