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If you’re a professional, you’re a brand. In this episode of Content Matters, Andy and Barry discuss Barry’s book, The Road to Recognition, and highlight many of its lessons on developing your personal brand in the age of digital media. 

Highlights from the episode include:

  • Being the CEO of the brand called You (a nod to author Tom Peters)
  • How to pursue personal branding without getting overwhelmed
  • The need for a platform
  • Why you should Google
  • How to optimize your LinkedIn profile
  • Why personal branding is content marketing
  • The importance of generosity
  • Buidling relationships instead of just likes and followers
  • Aligning your activities with your passions

In the cheese & mousetrap segment:

  • Barry talks about creating content with other experts who have worthwhile stories to tell.
  • Andy explains why you should claim every social media account for your name, in every format.

Resources mentioned in this epsidode:

Coming in the show’s next episode:
Non-obvious content promotion ideas