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In this episode of Content Matters, we come out of the gate claiming interviews can be a game-changer for content marketers. Why would we make such a bold statement?

Because Andy and I have learned that conducting interviews is a powerful double whammy.

  1. You’re able to generate more credible and highly compelling content.
  2. You build meaningful relationships with influential voices in your industry.

Take 20 minutes to take-in our best tips for capitalizing on the power of interviews and collaborating on content marketing initiatives.

Highlights from the episode include:

  • The Elevation Principle from Michael Stelzner’s great book, Launch
  • How an ally in content creation becomes an ally in promotion
  • The power of roundup-style content
  • A review of various types of interviews and interview formats you might try
  • The most effective ways to get contributions from experts
  • Effective ways to do interviews via email
  • How to deliver the best answers when you’re interviewed
  • Playing referral tag to grow your network
  • Why you need a guest blogging strategy
  • The greatest social media marketing tool (is not what you’d expect)

Sad and lonely blogger

In the cheese and mousetrap segment

  • Barry reveals a visual strategy to drive traffic to your interview-based content
  • Andy explains how to get a “yes” from nearly everyone you’d like to interview

Resources from the episode

In the next episode of Content Matters we’ll talk about:
The all-important content marketing mission statement