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It’s time to dial-down your budget.

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By now you’ve got ticked off by advertising and direct response programs that didn’t pay-off. You upped the budget to no avail.

I can explain.

Advertising doesn’t work. Or at the very least, with a limited budget, you get very low response rates because you’re attempting to pitch to people who simply aren’t interested.

You see, the media world has changed. Now you need to. We’re web-centric now. We need not tolerate pitchmen interrupting our lives. We control our media experience. We watch what we want to watch. We read what we want to read. We skip what we want to skip. Advertising is the thing we most want to skip.

Search rules now.

We rely on Google like oxygen. And we’re seriously addicted to our ever-connected devices. Be it phones, tablets, or computers, our gadgets are now our library, newspaper, bookstore, shopping mall, game room, movie theater, radio, photo album, mail center, telephone, teletype, and television too.

Search rules the commercial universe. So too does social media and any and all online media. Everybody is looking for something.

That thing we seek is called content.

It’s time to power up your content and make it as magnetic as you possibly can.

Enter content marketing, the process of creating and delivering valuable content to your target customers—usually for free. Turn on the power of content marketing and your site can generate traffic, lower your marketing costs and increase conversion big time.

You can achieve what advertising usually does not. You get people to know, like and trust you.

So you don’t buy media. You don’t print catalogues or buy stamps. You don’t hire phone callers or canvassers. You don’t burn any of your budget trying to deliver your message to people who mostly are not interested.

You become the media.

The challenge lies in doing content marketing effectively—magnetically attracting new customers and equipping them to do some magnetizing for your brand too. Yeah, referral business… word of mouth… or my favorite: word of mouse. Call it what you will. It’s the most powerful form of advertising ever.

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