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At the top of the episode, I say, “Make reading your blog a chore or a bore and it’s bye-bye baby.”

Listen to this edition of Content Matters to pick up a long list of tips you can easily apply to design a more attractive and reader-friendly blog and get more from your content marketing efforts.

Listen to “Smart Strategies for Effective Blog Design [19]” on Spreaker.

In this episode we cover everything we can think of regarding blog design:

  • Creating a prominent focal point atop your posts
  • All kinds of tips for creating a smooth reader flow
  • To sidebar or not to sidebar?
  • How to use images to increase engagement
  • Text treatment tactics that make your content easier to skim and read
  • Smart ways to encourage social media sharing
  • Call to action strategies that work
  • Onsite search, social snipets, comments, content suggestion tools, CTAs and more

In the cheese & mousetrap segment:

  • Barry explains how chapterize your long posts for easy navigation
  • Andy covers the “3Ps” of effective email signup forms: prominence, promise and proof

rebecca gill
In a new feature on the Content Matters program, we invite experts to add to our heap o’ tips. In this episode we welcome web development expert Rebecca Gill of Web Savvy Marketing.

On the next episode of Content Matters:
Where infographics fit into your content marketing strategy

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