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Sharing Content with Social Media Pro Rebekah Radice

Barry Feldman: June 14, 2014 | Social media/social media marketing | Comments
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I got in the elevator at a new media conference. I recognized the face. Maybe from Twitter. Maybe a blog or two. It was Rebekah Radice. Don’t ask me how we got into it, but the brief lift lasted long enough for me to learn she’s a fellow dog lover. Chiguaguas.

Rebekah’s a social media leader and consistently great blogger. No surprise her Google+ profile’s been viewed close to 14-million times. She’s generous with her knowledge and prone to sharing great content at a steady clip. Rebekah discovered, then shared, an infographic I did and it catapulted to a top spot across Google+ for a day.

I got to pondering the art of sharing content via social media. Are there right and wrong ways to do it? I’m of the opinion far too many have their Twitter accounts on autopilot and recklessly share content they haven’t read. I was curious to know Rebekah’s views on the subject and wrote to ask if she’d do an interview on the subject.

She agreed. We spoke on the subject and much more. It’s a great conversation filled with tips you’ll appreciate.

Introducing The Point & The Pro.

I hope to share with you some of my favorite interviews with digital marketing leaders in the form of eBooks titled, “The Point & The Pro.” In this, the premier edition, Rebekah shares her insights on:

  • The value of sharing content on social media
  • Tips and tools for sharing content effectively
  • Whether social media users are overdoing it
  • Whether or not a share is an endorsement
  • If outsourcing social media is wise
  • Valuable resources for learning social media

I hope you’ll read and enjoy the interview. And—after—I hope you’ll share it.

> Download a free copy here. 

Barry Feldman
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Barry Feldman
Barry Feldman
  • Cynthia Hartwig

    Hi Barry. Emily Warn and I are big fans of yours. I am wondering if the format for these interviews is putting anyone else off, though. I generally read your posts (and laugh and learn) but there is something wack-o about this particular format that I can’t put my finger on. It’s not the content; it’s the embedded form which is getting in the way of getting to your questions and R’s answers.

    • Barry Feldman

      Really? Looks so good on my end. Could you explain what you mean?

      I embedded the PDF at a fairly large size to make it easy to read.

      I also put two links in the post so that you can quickly open the PDF at full size and/or download it.