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How to Create the Best Possible Personal Brand Website

Building your personal brand? You need a website. Here’s your guide to making it great.  Your personal brand website is your home on the web, the hub of the content you create and a destination for every member of the network you’re building to power your career. “But wait,” you might say, “I have a…

LinkedIn Best Practices for Developing Your Personal Brand

It’s time to master LinkedIn, the personal branding epicenter of the Internet. LinkedIn enters into every conversation I have about personal branding. It comes up in the daily conversations I have about content marketing and new media advertising. And whenever I’m tasked with helping people get started with social media marketing, the discussion always includes LinkedIn….

I Am What I Am: Personal Branding Tips from Michael Hyatt and Me

You. Me. Michael Hyatt. Popeye. Perhaps we don’t have that much in common. Ah, but we do. Personal brands are we. Our agendas may differ—better job, more clients, book sales, or (your goal here)—but we seek the same things: recognition, respect, influence and success. You, my friend, are a brand. A photographer. Life coach. Presentation…