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Non-Obvious Ways to Promote Your Content [Content Matters Episode 31]

Barry Feldman: January 20, 2018 | Content marketing, Podcasts: Content Matters | Comments
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Content Matters Episode 31

In this episode of Content Matters, Andy and Barry offer a long list of non-obvious ways to promote your content—ideas you don’t often read about on blogs. 

Highlights from the episode include:

  • 29 ways to promote your content—beyond the mainstream social networks
  • Ideas to win friends and influence people in the process
  • Smart linking strategies to increase reach and authority
  • How to make your “Thank You” pages and emails inspire readers to explore your website
  • Non-obvious content marketing ideas we collected from Twitter friends and followers

In the cheese & mousetrap segment:

  • Barry talks about easy ways to set expectations in the places where you promote your content
  • Andy explains why you should check your traffic sources on Google Analytics, and how, and what to do with what you learn

Resources mentioned in this epsidode:

Coming in the show’s next episode:
Why are content marketers so keen on storytelling?



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