Content Marketing Roadmap - The Basics


Your Content Marketing Roadmap:
Resources and Tutorials from Feldman Creative

Trying to navigate your way across the content marketing landscape?

It’s crowded and intensely competitive. Without some guidance, it can be a wildly frustrating ride.

The articles, infographics, and various types of tutorials I’ve organized for you here provide content marketing roadmap to help steer your course. There’s a lot of content here, so use the index below to take a shortcut to where you’d like to begin.

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Brand new to content marketing? Watch this free webinar:

Successful content marketers begin with a documented content marketing plan. Get your plan together.

Here’s a free and easy tool to build your content marketing plan fast and effectively.

Want to start knocking out useful content? Apply the lessons in this piece and you’ll never run out of ideas.

Want to create magnetic content? Learn how to proactively answers your prospects’ questions.

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Content marketing is not advertising. You’re bound to accomplish nothing with short bursts and blitzes. So most content marketers strike out due to a lack of commitment to consistently publishing quality content. If you know for sure, you’re in it for the long haul, skip this section. But if any doubts linger, the posts below may be eye-opening (and spare you from burning a ton of time and money).

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Want to know what types of content you should create? Here’s advice, how-to’s, and ideas for blogs, guest blogging, eBooks, video marketing, infographics, email and more.


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Your writing skills (or lack of) can make or break your content marketing. Following are three of the posts I’ve written in an effort to share lessons from my 25+ years of copywriting. 

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Every marketer needs to master visual marketing. Here’s how it’s done.

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Content marketing is education. Pick up teaching tips from the best.

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If you create content without optimizing it for search, success will come much slower. If you optimize for search, without creating content, success won’t come at all. SEO—or the process of optimizing your content for search—is a skill you must learn. I’ve done a lot of research and writing to simplify it for you.

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Want to reach more people with your content? Here’s an in-depth guide to content promotion via owned, earned and paid channels.

The most popular post I’ve ever written features a long list of ideas to increase your reach by expanding your digital footprint with your content.

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Want to learn how to scale your content marketing programs strategically and effectively?

Content marketing doesn’t depend on media buying to the degree traditional advertising programs do, but it’s far from free. It’s not easy to answer questions regarding the costs of content marketing, but the following post clarifies where to allocate your budget and offers tips for doing so wisely. 

Growth-minded content marketers often think beyond the blog and create content hubs. 

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Most agree analytics is confusing. I created a detailed post that simplified and clarifies the topic.

Where are you on your path to becoming an effective content marketer?

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New to content marketing or struggling with it? Save a ton of time, money and energy by working with a professional content marketing consultant. You may find thousands of marketers (and millions of wanna-be’s) now describe themselves as content marketing consultants.

I focus on the following four areas:

  1. Teach content marketing tactics
  2. Assess content marketing efforts
  3. Plan content marketing programs to support inbound marketing initiatives
  4. Execute content marketing and related online marketing programs to generate qualified leads

I wrote the following article to help you understand the benefits of working with me on your content marketing initiatives.


Go here to describe your needs and request your free content marketing consultation.