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Personal Branding: Power Tips for Getting Your Online Brand In Line

Barry Feldman: July 19, 2014 | Blogging, Personal branding | No Comments »

Personal branding tips

Let’s talk about you. You’re a brand. Do you know how to develop your personal brand?

As an online marketing consultant and writer, I found myself answering a ton of questions about building and developing a personal brand. So I did a lot of reading on the subject as well as reflecting on many of the effective tactics I’ve used since establishing Feldman Creative in 1995 and focusing on content marketing since 2011.

I organized these ideas into the infographic here, “The Complete A to Z Guide to Personal Branding.” Then I was invited to do a Google+ Hangout with Google+ master Martin Shervingon of Plus Your Business. Martin used the infographic as the agenda for a in-depth conversation we had on the subject of personal branding. You’ll find the video below as well as a transcript.

Enjoy it. I hope you pick-up and apply some useful tips. Get to the point >>