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But easy to take advantage of.

Want to hire Feldman Creative?

If you’re price shopping, looking for a “free” audition, or hoping to find an aggressive bid in line with the new K-Marts of content, you’ve landed on the wrong website.

If you value 25 years of experience building brands for companies large and small, demand your creative makes a difference, and want to take advantage of the enormous benefits of content marketing, you’re in the right place.

•  You’ll get the content your business needs to achieve highly effective online marketing.

•  You’ll get powerful, persuasive copywriting.

•  Your online assets will tell great stories to engage your audience.

Please understand, as is the case for nearly all professional services, we don’t have a firm rate sheet or menu from which to choose. That said, when you decide to make Feldman Creative your partner to execute effective online marketing programs, we’ll propose an exact dollar figure in advance.  If there are any surprises, they’ll be pleasant ones.

Barry Feldman - marketing copywriter for effective online marketing

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Per-project fees

We do not “estimate” projects. We deliver succinct engagement agreements.

Copywriting fees are $150 per hour. Online marketing consulting is also offered at $150 per hour. Coming soon are starter packages to satisfy demand for social media consulting and implementation.

If your project is urgent to the point where late night or weekend hours are required, we will attempt to accommodate you if our schedules allow, but ask that you understand additional “rush charges.”

Project minimums

The minimum project fees are $1,500. A deposit of $1000 is required in advance to initiate work.

A great guarantee

We guarantee to deliver on-time, on-budget and on-target—every time. We will also deliver up to two revisions, as needed. Should the project require additional changes, or an entirely different approach, revision fees will be agreed upon in advance.

Ballpark prices

  • Small scope projects, i.e. a single email, landing page, micro-site, article, etc. will not be accepted unless they are part of a project which meets the minimum payment requirements.
  • Web sites: $300 and up per page. Lower fees may be offered for editing existing copy. Web site customers generally pay $2000 – $3000 for 6-10 page sites. Site planning, creative direction and management may require additional fees. Design and development is not included, however, I will engage talented and fairly priced partners to develop your website.

Yes, we accept:

  • Checks
  • Credit cards
  • PayPal


Clients often foresee having a sizable workload for a period of time of 3, 6, or more months. Should this be the case for your company, we can offer services based on an agreed retainer rate with monthly invoices. Retainer agreements are subject to availability. The minimum retainer is $3000.

Free consultation

Generally, Feldman Creative can accommodate new clients. Barry Feldman will consult with you at no charge for 30 minutes to help you determine how to best achieve  your marketing objectives. Consultations are limited and arranged in advance.

Use this contact form to request a free consultation.