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Copywriting Tips for a More Effective Home Page

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A more effective home page.

At the risk of stating the obvious, your website is the hub of your marketing. My next uber obvious observation is your home page will be its most visited page.

I like to say your home page is the lobby of your business. (<< Link provides a website homepage content infographic.)

So before I lay a series of copywriting tips on you for improving your home page, let’s look at the home page experience from your visitor’s point of view.

They are new guests in your virtual home. Nothing’s all that familiar. They will take in every little thing—consciously or subconsciously, subtle or not— and make judgements. To get a vibe. To make a decision. What exactly is this decision? I can’t help but quote a favorite rock band, The Clash:

Should I stay or should I go?

You need to remind yourself of this when making decisions about the composition of your home page, in particular, the copy presented there.

Comfort is the key

This decision, stay or go, boils down to comfort. When the visitor feels it, they invest their time—just like you do. When something doesn’t feel right, when a tinge of discomfort emerges, they flee—just you like you do.

So what do YOU do to address this newcomer situation (which hopefully happens very often) to achieve the desired result: getting visitors to stick around and click around?

As a veteran website copywriter, here’s my advice, my top copywriting tips for creating a more effective home page.



Does your web site suck?

Sites that engage visitors to click around, stick around and come back for more will help you sell your stuff. Sites that don’t? By today’s standards, they suck.

What’s the opposite of suck?

I want to say “blow,” but I want this here post to get an A-rating, not an X . So instead, let’s say “push.” Or better yet, “publish.” You good with that? You better be. Today, you need to become a publisher of valuable online content. Perhaps you don’t entirely abandon “pull” marketing strategies, provided you’ve found some that work for your business model, but you better jump on the content creation train or prepare to be derailed by those that do.