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A Successful Website Achieves Objectives

21 Pointers to Sharpen Your Website: Part 3

Business owners and directors come to me time and again saying their website doesn’t work. I can just see ‘em on the other end of the line pointing their finger at their monitor in disgust. Oh, how I’m dying to tell them three more fingers are pointing back at them. I refrain and go with a more sensitive reply, such as:

What would you like your website to do for your business?



Understand Who Will Visit Your Website

21 Pointers to Sharpen Your Website: Part 2

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Prospect who?

Prospect who’s looking to solve a problem.

Ehnnn, that’s enough of that. There’s no punchline. In fact, if there’s a joke of any sort here, it may be on you.

Who will visit your site?
If I ask you this question, will you balk? It almost seems ridiculous to think you may not have an insightful and specific answer. But you may not—and it wouldn’t make you the least bit unique. So forgive me for saying so, but we’re not talking about a silly mistake. We’re talking about a serious one.

Without trivializing the conversation to a bad knock-knock joke, I have some form of this conversation nearly every day. My clients and new business prospects come a-calling on me to plan and write new websites for their businesses daily. The first questions I ask: “Who will be visiting your site?” 9 of 10 times I don’t get a specific answer. Ug. (more…)