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Wise-Up Your Marketing Strategy

MarketingWise - content marketing strategy

This is Ruth Zive. She’s wise.

[The content of this article comes from 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Strategic Marketing Plan” by Ruth Zive of MarketingWise, a friend and very wise marketer. I had to change a thing or two. It’s what I do.]

The emergence of new marketing platforms and technologies seems to have heightened awareness amongst executives that they need to dust off their websites and make some serious changes to their marketing strategy.

Unfortunately, in the face of the changing marketing landscape, most companies respond with knee jerk reactions that can be expensive and ineffective.

Slapping a blog tab and social media icons onto your website, or stuffing your content with keywords – heck, even frantic Google Adwords campaigns – are too often reactive and not particularly thoughtful. (more…)