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8 Keys to Creating More Meaningful Content [Infographic]

8 keys to more meaningful content



Hello ! @ # $ % ^ & *

I was staring at my keyboard when I got the idea for this post. And there they were, right in front of my eyes and at my fingertips: eight keys to content marketing.

Take a look at your keyboard. Look at the number keys, specifically the eight symbols on the number keys. In my mind (and now yours), each symbol suggests an effective approach to creating more meaningful content.

The holy smokes key

Exclamation point key to contentThe exclamation mark. It’s used to indicate strong feelings. Perfect!

Strong feelings inspire you to act. You’ll share the content that moves you. You’ll comment. You might sign up for, or buy, something. When something truly pushes one of your buttons, you’ll remember where you found it and maybe who wrote it.

Thinking about this simple idea made me think of how author, speaker, and marketing leader Jason Falls often speaks of what he calls “holy smokes” content. I thought, “Holy smokes, it’d be cool to get Jason to join us here to talk about this powerful idea.”