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Content Worthy of the Country’s Highest Office

social media mood meter

When you land at, the online home of a company that sells serious software to major enterprises, a comic book character greets you — NetBase calls him “Captain Insight,” a super hero of “social intelligence.” The masked man has the super power needed to unlock the customer’s mind.

When you’re done with the Marvel-style sequence, you can click into some of the usual content you’d expect to find on a software company’s website. However, had you done so during the presidential campaign, you’d be more likely to have pointed your cursor at a more mysterious element —a gauge marked “Obama.”

You’d then discover a “real-time mood meter,” a dashboard of sorts with dials that deliver up-to-the-minute voter sentiment on the election. Indicators display the sentiment of Twitter users who, in the previous 10 minutes, have expressed opinions on the four presidential and vice-presidential candidates.