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The Key to Planning an Effective Content Marketing Program [Content Matters Podcast Episode 9]

Episode 9

The Key to Planning an Effective Content Marketing Program:

Companies that struggle to achieve their goals with content marketing usually don’t have documented strategies.

In this episode of Content Matters Podcast, Andy and Barry discuss how and why to create an all-important mission statement, which will give your marketing programs the focus it needs to be effective.



Your Content Marketing Report Card: Give Yourself a Grade

content marketing report card

Let’s give the 2014 predictions and trends a rest, for now.

I don’t mean to be breaking up the party, but please, let’s not worry about where the industry is going and look within. If you need to be tuning into a trend, we’ll call this exercise a “selfie.”

After, I’ll get out of your way and you can gaze all you like into the rear view mirror and crystal ball. Sure, those can be worth your while. But the glass I want you gazing into for the next little spell is the mirror.

I have some questions for you, a self-administered exam. I’ll give you specific guidelines, but feel free to interpret as you see fit and be creative. The goal’s very simple: score your current content marketing and use your findings to inform a proactive course going forward. Here goes. (more…)