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“SERP?” A four-letter word starting with S.

SERP: Search Engine Results Page.

Another silly acronym. Let’s all grrrrrrrrowl together. Don’t care to learn about it’s meaning? Ooh. Even sillier.

A SERP is what you’re served microseconds after you put something in Google. (Or Bing for the Microsoft faithful. Or Yahoo! for a few remaining dinosaurs.) Whaddaya’ see in a SERP? Website page titles and descriptions. You can take ‘em for granted if you want, but you only want that if you don’t place any value in the power of search (which drives upwards of 85% of all web traffic).

Bottom line, we’re talking about first impressions, so you might as well think of this as your neon sign online. Does it repel or attract traffic? Sounds simple, ‘eh?