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Caring is Sharing – How to Get Your Brand Advocates to Care

brand advocates

Fellow content creators, let’s swallow a big honking reality pill together. The things customers say about our brand runs circles around the prose we produce.

According to Nielson research, 77% of consumers are more likely to buy a product when they hear about it from friends and family.

Got advocates?

Maybe you call them ambassadors, fans, or evangelists. Call them what you will, but understand when people support your brand it means money. More advocates, more sales. And nothing scales quite like word of mouth. Even if you get just a small percentage to plug your products, the ripple effect can be immeasurable.

When you win over customers and help them share your brand’s story:

  • Your programs get amplified.
  • Advocates create content for you—for free.
  • Anticipation for new products increases.
  • Positive conversations spread across online media.
  • Web traffic increases.
  • You win new customers.

Where do you start? (more…)