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Kiss My Glass: Turning On Your Prospect’s Passion [Interview & Podcast]

Content Marketing 360Not long after I began blogging here, there and everywhere, I started getting requests to do interviews. It’s a nice benefit that springs from building a distinct personal brand online. Today I get a ton of requests for written Q&A’s, videos, and especially, podcasts. I must admit, I enjoy doing interviews for programs such as these and try to accept as many invitations as I can.

Recently, I’ve participated in many interviews and the past week or two, a slew of them were “aired” in rapid succession. While in the past I haven’t always shared the programs with you here on my blog, I intend to present several in the weeks to come.

This is my favorite interview so far.

Pamela Muldoon is the host of Content Marketing 360, a series that showcases marketing minds from around the world. Pamela’s awesome. Using an interview format, she blends her 25+ years of marketing & broadcasting experience into a fresh, conversational approach with her guests.

This is my favorite interview for a number of reasons:

  • Pamela’s a first-class radio pro.
  • She really knows my work, did her homework, and asked great questions.
  • She made me feel very comfortable and brought out the best in me.
  • I chose to reveal the subject of the book I’m writing for the first time. I gave Pamela a preview of the book, “Kiss My Glass.”

Have a listen. You’ll hear me explain what I mean by “kissing glass,” why you need to develop a strong voice, develop storytelling skills, and why I believe writing is the top skill needed to become a successful content marketer.

The interview runs an hour. If you’d rather read the interview, a transcript is provided below. Also, Pamela’s done a great job of summarizing the program’s highlights here on her blogsite, NextStage Media Group.