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How to Find Keywords People Use (But Your Competitors Don’t)

Keywords People Use

Winning at SEO calls for outmaneuvering the field.

Let’s examine how to find keywords your competitors aren’t using—with tactics they don’t even know about. 

“Keywords don’t matter much anymore.” You find it written everywhere lately.

I asked a friend who eats analytics for breakfast and snacks on SEO all day long, “Whatcha’ think about that man?” He smirked. Then he turned toward his massive monitor, typed “g-o-o-g-l-e-(.)-c-o-m” on his keyboard. The ubiquitous page with the crude, but familiar multi-color logo and single blank field popped right up.

He turned back to me and said, “What do I do now Barry?” His point was pretty clear. However all-powerful the search engine that changed the world may be, it can’t yet read your mind. Whether you choose to type or talk, you tell it what you’re looking for with a string of words.

Notice I wrote, “string of words.” I meant to suggest three, four, or more, words. These searches have come to be known as “long tail” and represent the majority of searches. It’s also important to note long tail keywords, being more specific than one or two word searches (or “head” keywords), have proven to deliver superior conversion.

To illustrate, consider “acoustic guitar” vs. “Used Taylor 12-string acoustic-electric guitar.” It seems intuitive the longer, far more specific term suggests the searcher has a better idea of the product he seeks and is therefore closer to reaching for his wallet. Research consistently provides confirmation.

Perhaps an even more important reason long tail keyword enters the SEO discussion so often is because as an online marketer you have a remarkably higher chance of earning page one search results by developing content targeting the lengthier phrases. The “big fish in a small pond” metaphor applies.

By strategically implementing long tail keywords, you’re far more likely to rank high, attract the audience you desire, and show motivated prospects the way to your website.

Your challenge is to identify the right long tail keywords

How do you do this? (more…)


You Don’t Need to be a Slime Ball to Lose Your Customer’s Trust

Lose customers trust

Know. Like. Trust.

You know the formula by now. You like and trust it too because when you accomplish the holy trifecta you’re well on your way to getting a customer and maybe even winning their loyalty for as long as the spell holds fast.

But in this cellophane age, our fingers do more than the walking. They do the talking, fact-checking and investigative work.

As such, you need not be a slime ball to discolor your character. Your trust deficit may not even trace to the words you say or write. You could suffer the slings of skepticism because of the stuff you don’t.

So I thought it wise to warn you of the many ways you might lose your customer’s trust. (more…)


Optimize with Less Obvious Keywords for Search Success

Keywords for search success:


[Here’s an excerpt from the new eBook…] 

Optimize with Less Obvious Keywords for Search Success.

Only one page really matters.

Welcome to the mysterious, magnificent, monumental world of search where
an overwhelming percentage of online journeys begin.

You’ve surely noticed when you do a really broad one or two-word search you
get millions, or even billions, of results. There are a mind-boggling number of
pages you can click through. Yet you’ll look at just one. On that one page are
ten results (of the organic search variety).

In marketing your website, your success depends on showing up on page
one, preferably the top half.

To do so requires a solid grasp of what it takes to make search work for your
business. The winners carefully select keywords that have a worthwhile volume
of search activity, but a relatively low level of competition. (more…)


The Plan to Grow Your Business with Effective Online Marketing

The plan to grow your business with effective online marketing

“The Plan” is a free eBook from Feldman Creative.


[Here’s an excerpt from the new eBook…] 

Offer content online customers are looking for.

Be a good helper.

In the information age, people seek information. There’s no question, they’ll
find it—fast. The question is, will it be your information?

This is content marketing.

 It’s not new. What’s new is the dynamic at work. Those shopping for content won’t be filling out tip-in cards, faxing requests, calling your number or putting forth any effort whatsoever. They’ll merely be clicking on a link.

Want to win their business? That link needs to lead to your website. There’s one way to get in the game: create mighty fine content. Develop and promote information assets. 

Offer helpful content. Make it informative. Valuable. And free.

[You’ll find this passage on page 7 of the 28-page eBook. The Plan” presents 17 strategies—briefly and clearly—to help you understand how to take advantage of online channels to capitalize on the power of pull. Inbound marketing… planning, web site best practices, SEO, blogging, conversion strategy, email marketing… It’s all in “The Plan.”  All free. ]


The Plan to Grow Your Business with Effective Online Marketing

The Plan to Grow Your Business with Effective Online Marketing

This must-read 28-page eBook clearly and simply presents the strategies you need to create magnetic content, make your website a customer attraction force field, and convert visitors to customers.

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The Great Keywords Secret Revealed

Now and then, some ingredient of online marketing transfixes me and I must have the answers. All of them. Immediately. I’m obsessive that way. I research who the authorities are, buy books, subscribe to feeds, opt-into email, and go absolutely Googleptic for a spell.

My latest fixation is keywords. Keywords, keywords, keywords, keywords. (There, we got that keyword stuffing thing out of the way fast.) Of course, I know what they are and why they’re important (check out that link if you don’t), but I don’t know everything there is to know about mastering the use of keywords for search. So I thought I’d slay that beast.