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Are You Making these Content Marketing Mistakes?

Not everyone is a pro.

If you’ve been doing marketing for as long as I have you may recall when the Macintosh came out in the 80s. It was a landmark in personal computing. And it opened the floodgates for countless amateurs trying their hands at design.

Suddenly, everyone was a graphic designer. A rushing river of poorly executed logos, newsletters, and marketing communications projects of every kind were created by amateurs. The phenomena has continued ever since with typography, photography, video, and well, everything.

It’s content marketing’s turn.

Today, nearly every business is attempting to become a content marketer. The results ain’t pretty. The noise is deafening and while there’s plenty of great content, every industry is being bombarded with junk—cheap imitations of the idea of content marketing—create original, compelling, helpful content. You can trace the problem to a long list of problems. In an effort to sound the alarm, Content Marketing Institute founder Joe Pulizzi created a “13 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing May Fail.”

listly - content marketing mistakes

I took 10 points on Joe’s list that resonated with me and created a list. Familiar with Here’s how it works.