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Pick the Brains of 5 Top Content Marketers for Brilliant Strategies

Entrepreneur - brilliant strategiesThis article by Eric Siu features great insights from marketing leaders including Rand Fishkin of Moz, Neil Patel (he’s kind of a big deal), Heidi Cohen, and Scott Abel. I have to share it with you.


The post originally ran as “The 5 Brilliant Strategies You Can Learn From Top Content Marketers.”


Ready to get started with content marketing?  Although the process might sound daunting, there’s really no need to reinvent the wheel.  Instead, take a page out of the playbooks of the following five industry-leading content marketers.  Adding these strategies to your own content campaigns can take your 2014 marketing initiatives from zero to 60 as easily possible — helping you to avoid common content-marketing speed bumps along the way.

Philosophy of Rand Fishkin, the ex-CEO of marketing site Moz

1. Philosophy of Rand Fishkin, the ex-CEO of marketing site Moz: “Over-invest in big content.”

Rand Fishkin

Image credit: Nakeva via Flickr

In an interview given with Marketing Land, Rand Fishkin, the ex-CEO of Moz, comments on how the rapid pace of content-marketing adoption means that the bar for content quality will grow higher in the future.  As a result, what works today might fall below the minimum barrier entry just a few years from now.

Fishkin’s strategy is to invest in big content, rather than spreading resources too thin producing smaller, less valuable pieces.  Your company can adopt this strategy by reallocating funding and human capital away from run-of-the-mill marketing pieces in order to concentrate on big content, including mini-sites, videos, interactive infographics and other show-stoppers.

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