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How Do You Define Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing
A while back, I posted this, my first question on Quora: How do you define social media marketing? All kinds of professionals—from online marketers, to entrepreneurs, to a weight loss expert chimed in with their answers. I thought you might find the answers interesting, so I’ll share them with you now.
Also, I’ll ring a bell when I believe the answer hits on a keeper and buzz when I disagree.


15 Reasons Why We Tune Out Turkeys

who listens to turkeys?


In 1999, a collective of marketers published a book called “The Cluetrain Manifesto.” Intriguing title, but I don’t know what it means. Maybe if I had read the book, I’d get it.

I have read a good many books about the revolution that’s taking place in marketing. It’s a fascinating subject. So I was checking out “Engage” by Brian Solis when I noticed he referred to “The Cluetrain Manifesto” and specifically, one of its authors, Doc Searls.

No way! I once worked for Doc, sort of. I worked for an agency he founded. During that brief spell (I never stayed put for long), Doc had his name on the door, but not a hand in the pot.

Anyway, I had to check into the book. When I did, I found its entire contents offered online for free. I’m thinking… “A book about the internet’s effect on marketing from 1999? Should I bother?” Then I notice it’s subtitle:

Markets are conversations.

Talk is cheap.

Silence is fatal.