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The Great Content Marketing Buzz Kill (And 7 Killer Content Ignition Ideas)

The Great Content Marketing Buzz Kill

Content marketing has peaked.

Look at the Google Trends timeline below, which shows relative search activity. September 2011 marked the beginning of a steep incline in interest. The buzz kicked into high gear in 2013, inched up in 2014, and hit a new ceiling this month. You can guess what’s to come.

Content marketing interest will decline.

Content marketing interest

Will the content marketing fire burn itself out?

I don’t believe it’s going down in flames, but yes, an enormous number of companies trying to do content marketing are bound to get burned. It happens when you play with fire.

Of course, like any competitive battlefield, your failures can trace to a huge array of reasons. If you insisted I were to identify a singular, predominant reason, it’d have to offer lack of commitment. (I gave you my opinion about this here.)

Again, where competition is fierce, what separates the best from the rest is commitment. Supremely successful content marketers do more than create great content; they ignite it. (more…)