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Copywriting Tips for a More Effective About Page



Copywriting tips series: 3
A more effective about page.about us page

So far in my copywriting tips series, I covered how to write a more effective home page, the hub of your marketing in this new media era. Following that post, I did a sequel on writing a more effective landing page, your key to conversion.

Next up in this series: how to write a more effective about page. It’s sure to be one of the most visited pages on your website, but commonly, it’s a serious snoozer. If your analytics show your about page is a leading exit page, you’re going to want to heed the advice I have for you here.

The about page is a challenge.

About pages scare even veteran website copywriters. The thing that makes the “about” page the trickiest of them all is the confusing—contradictory, actually—subject of the page itself. You’re tempted to write about yourself or your company. And that’s fair. But if that’s all you do, you’ll risk losing your reader.

Remember the purpose of the visit. What the reader really cares about is him or herself. Your about page needs to be about how you can help him or her. (more…)